What Types Of Air Conditioner Fan Are There?

An air conditioner fan or blower is one of the key components required in an air conditioning system. The function of the fan is to move air into the conditioned space. There are basically four types of fans commonly used in HVAC equipment. They are propeller fans, centrifugal fans, vane axial fans, and duct axial fans.

Propeller fan

You may encounter fans of this type in your daily life. It has a plate-mounted disc wheel to which a direct-drive or belt-drive motor is attached. When it runs, it makes noise and is only used in applications where noise is not a factor. Note its use as an exhaust and condenser fan. 

It is used in applications that require a low differential pressure but a large amount of air movement. It is also called an axial fan because the air flows parallel to the axis of rotation of the fan.
Centrifugal fan

This type of fan is also called a radial fan because the air flows perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the fan.

Forward bend

One type of wheeled design is the forward curved centrifugal fan, also known as a squirrel cage blower. It has forward curved blades with a cut-off design that prevents air from bypassing the fan housing.

It is quieter than the propeller type and provides a high-pressure differential between the inlet and outlet. This type of fan is suitable for moving air in ducts around buildings.

Back sloping with flat and single thickness metal blades is another design for smaller unit applications.

Backbend curved and single thickness metal inserts for medium to high static pressure applications.

Airfoils with curved and double-thickness metal blade designs are sometimes used. Its aerodynamic design makes it a popular design in applications that require efficiency and quietness.Blade axial flow fan

This design has a disc wheel that is housed in a cylinder tube. Air guide vanes are built into the tube to guide the airflow properly.Axial fan

This design has a propeller inside the cylinder and is connected to a belt-drive or direct-drive motor.Permanently split capacitor (PSC) motors

In air conditioner blowers with a motor capacity of 5 tons or less, the direct-drive permanent magnet split-capacitor motor has better reliability and fewer maintenance parts compared to the belt-driven type. Belt-driven pulleys and fan shaft bearings wear out over time and require regular maintenance.

PSC motors have a RUN winding, START winding, and a RUN capacitor, which are activated when the motor is running. It’s quiet and starts slowly before hitting steady state speeds. The fan rotates at the same speed as the motor, enabling multi-speed fans.

The above briefly describes several types of air conditioner fans. If you want to buy air conditioner fans and other air conditioner accessories, please contact us.

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