What Is The Correct Way To Maintain The Air Conditioner Compressor?

Dealing with a damaged air conditioning system is a challenge. You can avoid such difficulties by taking care of and maintaining your air conditioning system. But do you know the right way to maintain your air conditioner?

To find the right way to keep your air conditioner in optimal health, you first need to understand what an air conditioner does. Your air conditioner has a processor that pushes the liquid coolant through the condensing coils to create cool air. And the AC compressor has a motor to compress the refrigerant gas.

The compressor is the most important part of the air conditioning system. Therefore, you need to take extra care to maintain your air conditioner compressor, such as:

Remove any obstacles

If your compressor unit is located outdoors, it is likely to be affected by obstructions such as leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris. Any such obstruction will put extra stress on your compressor and cause it to overwork. As a result, over time it starts to damage your motor. Keep any obstructions away from your air conditioner compressor.

Package compressor

If you live in an area with cold winters, you need to be extra careful with your air conditioner compressor. Wrap the compressor in a clean, breathable cloth to protect it from snow. Make sure to turn off the power while doing this.

Clean the air filter regularly

If your air conditioner’s air filter is dirty and clogged, it can directly and massively affect your air conditioner compressor. The compressor sucks in dirt particles and dust from the outside air, directly into the air filter. When dust and dirt clog air filters, they prevent air from entering through them. As a result, the compressor compensates by working harder. Cleaning the air filter is easy with a clean soft brush.

Engage the high voltage switch

The compressor unit of the air conditioner has a high-pressure switch. You can turn this switch on to prevent the air conditioner compressor from overheating. This helps you when you live in a very hot area, or where your compressor unit is exposed to direct sunlight.

Regularly clean the condenser coils

Periodic cleaning of the condenser coil is recommended. A biweekly frequency is enough to keep your condenser coil clean. Clean condenser coils keep your air conditioner compressor working efficiently.

You can maintain your air conditioner compressor at home by following the steps above. Our recommendation is to have a professional repair done at least once a year. If you still have questions or want to buy air conditioning components, please contact us.

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