The Working Principle And Maintenance Methods Of Air Conditioner Compressor

The air-conditioning compressor plays the role of compressing and driving the refrigerant in the air-conditioning refrigerant circuit. The air conditioner compressor is generally installed in the outdoor unit. It is an important part of the air conditioner. Next, let’s talk about the working principle and maintenance methods of the air conditioner compressor.

Working principle

The working principle of the air-conditioning compressor is very simple. Generally, the air-conditioning compressor is installed in the outdoor unit. During the operation, the air-conditioning compressor will extract the refrigerant from the low-pressure area, compress it, and send it to the high-pressure area for cooling and condensation.

After the agent is transported to the high-pressure area, the heat is dissipated into the air through the heat sink, and at this time, it also changes from the original gaseous state to the liquid state, and the pressure also increases.

The working circuit of the air conditioner compressor is mainly divided into the evaporation area and the condensation area, that is, the low-pressure area and the high-pressure area. The indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner belong to the low pressure or high-pressure area respectively.

During the cycle, the refrigerant flows from the high-pressure area to the low-pressure area, and then is sprayed into the evaporator through capillaries, and changes from liquid to gas when the pressure drops sharply, and then absorbs the heat in the air through the heat sink to achieve cooling.

Among them, the air-conditioning compressor works continuously, absorbing the heat in the low-pressure area into the refrigerant and sending it to the high-pressure area again, which finally realizes the entire refrigeration cycle and plays a role in temperature regulation.

Maintenance methods


There are usually three ways to add lubricating oil to the air conditioner compressor. They are sucked from the through-hole next to the suction shut-off valve of the air conditioner, added from the oil filling hole, and added from the lower part of the crankcase. The specific operation steps are mainly:

1. Close the suction shut-off valve, start the compressor for a few minutes, and then discharge the refrigerant in the crankcase into the condenser, so that the crankcase is in a vacuum state. The air conditioner closes the exhaust shut-off valve after the shutdown, and then unscrew the screw plug next to the exhaust shut-off valve to release the remaining air in the high-pressure chamber, then remove the bypass hole screw plug of the suction shut-off valve, and install the taper teeth Fittings and copper pipes.

2. After preparing the lubricating oil, use your finger to hold the oil suction pipe mouth, and then start the compressor to extract the air in the crankcase. If the liquid hammer phenomenon is found, let the compressor continue to run for 2-3 minutes, and wait until the crankcase becomes a vacuum state, while holding the mouth of the finger to feel a strong suction and then stop.

3. Immerse the oil suction pipe held by your fingers into the lubricating oil, and then let go, the lubricating oil will be automatically sucked into the crankshaft pipe.

4. Observe the oil level indicator until the added lubricating oil reaches the oil level line.

5. After filling up the oil, remove the copper pipe and the joint, screw on the screw plug and tighten it, then start the compressor to pump out the sucked air in the crankcase, and then tighten the screw plug of the exhaust shut-off valve after the exhaust sound is not heard. , and finally, open the suction and exhaust shut-off valves, and the refueling work is completed.

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