What are the Precautions for Installation of Air Conditioner Bracket?

When installing an air conditioner bracket, there are several important precautions to keep in mind to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your unit. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the key considerations:

1. Installation Position: The outdoor unit of the air conditioner should not be wall-mounted on installation surfaces with loose materials such as brick walls of old houses, hollow brick walls, etc. In order to ensure the safe operation of the air conditioner and your personal safety, you must take protective measures or reinforcement when installing a wall-mounted air conditioner. These measures must take into account the material of the installation surface, including factors like strength and bearing tolerance as well as the number of air conditioners installed on the same installation surface.

2. Expansion Bolts: A 1 HP to 2 HP air conditioner should have at least 4 expansion bolts when built and installed on a brick or concrete wall; air conditioners with 2 P or more should have at least 6 expansion bolts. If it is built on a hollow brick wall, the bracket needs to be fastened with through-wall screws because the hollow brick wall cannot support any weight. General commercial buildings require expansion bolts with dimensions of at least 10 mm by 100 mm on their walls.

Expansion Bolts

3. Anti-corrosion Inspection: During installation, check the quality and thickness of the bracket. As the air conditioner bracket is used all year round, regularly check whether it is rusty to prevent accidents. If the bracket is corroded or loose, please contact supplier maintenance personnel to replace it in time.

By following these precautions carefully, you can successfully install your air conditioner bracket and ensure that your unit is secure and functional while also maintaining its performance and longevity.

the precautions of an air conditioner bracket
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