Refrigerants And Their Importance To Air Conditioning

The components of an air conditioning system are very important to its efficient operation. One of these basic ingredients is refrigerant. It is a liquid or gaseous compound that absorbs heat and provides conditioned air.

This is the element where the air conditioner doesn’t work. There may be a problem of freon leakage due to various reasons. In this case, the cause should be found out, the fault should be rectified and the missing refrigerant should be replenished.

Note that due to the nature of this compound, you should not attempt to troubleshoot this yourself. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, contact an air conditioner technician immediately.

In this article, we will discuss exactly how air-conditioning refrigerants work.How does air conditioning refrigerant work?

We’ll trace the refrigerant’s path through the system so you can see how it works:

Step 1: Compressor

One of the most important components of an air conditioner is the compressor. It pushes the refrigerant to bypass other components in the system. The refrigerant then continues to enter the system as a saturated vapor in the form of a low-temperature, low-pressure gas.

The freon is then sucked in by the compressor and rapidly compressed. Under the influence of this process, the energy produced is converted into heat, and the pressure increases.

Step 2: Condenser

The refrigerant is then moved to the condenser of the air conditioner. When it enters the condenser, it must be warmer than the surrounding air for heat transfer to occur.

The refrigerant enters the condenser tube in the form of vapor. Fans start blowing through the condenser to remove unnecessary energy.

As the air passes through these tubes, the heat associated with the refrigerant is carried away. As the heat is removed, it condenses into a high-pressure liquid.

Step 3: Expansion valve

Once the refrigerant enters the expansion valve, the expansion valve begins to measure the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. This valve regulates the flow of refrigerant, which is now part liquid and part gas.

After passing through the valve, the refrigerant further reduces its pressure and temperature. Freon leaves the expansion valve and is directed to the evaporator.

Step 4: Evaporator

Once the refrigerant enters the evaporator, the evaporator receives it with the help of a fan that blows warm indoor air out through the coils. Since the air coming from the room is warmer than the refrigerant, this allows it to receive more energy and become fully steamy.

Step 5: Refrigerant evaporation

Once the refrigerant leaves the evaporator as a low-pressure vapor, its low temperature changes very little. The reason it doesn’t increase is the phase transition from liquid to vapor.The most popular refrigerants:

Refrigerant R-22

R-22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). It has been discontinued in new air conditioners since 2010 due to its high impact on the ozone layer. As of 2020, it will only be used in recycled or stored equipment.

R-410A refrigerant

This is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC). It has little effect on the ozone layer. Since R-410A has more than 50% higher pressure than R-22, R-410A air conditioners need components that can handle these conditions.

R-32 refrigerant

R-32 is used in many air conditioning and refrigeration systems around the world. It is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and does not directly cause ozone depletion. R-32 is slightly flammable. Air conditioners running on it were about 10% more energy efficient than those running on the other two refrigerants.

The above briefly introduces what refrigerants are and their importance of refrigerants. If you want to buy air conditioning refrigerants, please contact us.

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