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Comforplanet proudly presents its lineup of Vacuum Pumps, a series of high-performance and versatile devices designed to meet the exacting standards of the HVAC industry. Each product is engineered to deliver exceptional efficiency and reliability, showcasing Comforplanet’s commitment to excellence. Here’s an overview of the Vacuum Pump range:

1. High Performance Vacuum Pump – Single Stage:

  • Powerful single-stage vacuum pump designed for efficient air and moisture removal from HVAC systems.

2. High Performance Vacuum Pump – Dual Stage:

  • Dual-stage vacuum pump offering enhanced performance for more demanding vacuum applications, ensuring thorough evacuation.

3. High Performance Vacuum Pump Mini Vacuum Pump:

  • Compact and efficient mini vacuum pump, ideal for applications where space is a consideration, without compromising on performance.

4. R32 AC Vacuum Pump – Single Stage:

  • Specifically designed for R32 refrigerants, this single-stage vacuum pump ensures safe and effective evacuation of air and moisture from R32-based HVAC systems.

5. R32 AC Vacuum Pump – Dual Stage:

  • Dual-stage vacuum pump tailored for R32 refrigerants, providing superior performance for comprehensive air and moisture removal.

6. R32 Lithium Battery Vacuum Pump:

  • Portable and convenient lithium battery-powered vacuum pump, offering flexibility and ease of use in various HVAC applications.

7. Vacuum Pump Oil:

  • Specially formulated vacuum pump oil to ensure smooth and efficient operation, extending the life of Comforplanet vacuum pumps.

8. AC Power Supply Plugs:

  • Reliable power supply plugs designed for seamless integration with Comforplanet vacuum pumps, providing a stable power source.

9. Intake Ports Adapters:

  • Versatile adapters for intake ports, ensuring compatibility with different HVAC systems and configurations.

Comforplanet’s Vacuum Pump series is crafted to cater to the diverse needs of HVAC professionals, providing solutions for various refrigerants and applications. Whether it’s the demanding dual-stage pumps, the compact mini vacuum pump, or those designed for specific refrigerants like R32, Comforplanet ensures that each product adheres to the brand’s principles of performance, durability, and innovation. The inclusion of lithium battery-powered options adds a layer of portability, addressing the evolving needs of modern HVAC professionals. Trust Comforplanet for cutting-edge vacuum pump solutions that elevate the standards of air and moisture evacuation in HVAC systems.

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