Refrigerant Gas R417A Manufacturer

Brand Comforplanet Air Conditioner Parts Manufacturer
Model R417A
heater outlet temperature Higher than 70 ℃
compatibility MO, POE, PAG or AB
Substitute R22
The toxicity and flammability rating of R417A is A1/ A1, with zero ozone-depleting potential ODP. R417A can completely replace the old system and new equipment of R22, and is currently widely accepted worldwide as an environmental refrigerant.
Its advantage as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems to replace Freon R22 has the following features:
1. No need to replace the compressor and compressor lubricating oil.
2. No need to improve the system pressure design.
3. There is no need to change the plastic, insulating materials and metal parts in the system.
4. There is no need to greatly change the production process requirements.
5. No need to reset the production line, can be used with the original R22, R407C, R410A production line.
6. Stable composition ratio; Generally, when the refrigerant capacity is insufficient, it can be directly replenished, rather than completely emptied and recharged.
R417A for heat pump water heaters (replacing FREon R22) has the following features:
1. Applicable working environment temperature is wide, can be in cold area (-15℃) above normal use.
2. Water heater outlet temperature can be higher than 70℃, strong ability.
3. Environment-friendly product, R417A refrigerant does not pollute the ozone layer.
4. Higher thermal efficiency than R22 in the heating process, saving about 18% of electric energy than R22.
5. Exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature less than R22, long service life of the compressor.
6. Can be directly replaced without replacing the compressor and expansion valve.
Compatible with R22 system, compatible with MO, POE, PAG or AB compressor lubricating oil, low replacement cost.
8. The proportion of components is relatively stable. When the leakage exceeds 85%, the proportion of components will change greatly.
9. Meet the environmental protection and safety requirements of exported products to Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries.
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