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Explore Comforplanet’s top-notch Sensor, Control, and Connector series, designed to provide precision and reliability for your refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


  • High-pressure SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) opens on pressure rise.
  • Low-pressure SPST opens on pressure fall.

Pressure Switch:

Single Pressure Switch:

  • Ideal for controlling compressor pressure in refrigerant systems, available for air or water fluids.
  • Exhibits stable performance with an internal microswitch structure.
  • Comes with a standard mounting bracket.

Dual Pressure Switch:

  • Primarily used with fluorinated refrigerants to regulate compressor pressure in refrigerant systems.
  • Applicable in air and water systems, providing two pressure set points in one switch.

Oil Differential Pressure Switch:

  • Designed for pressure differential in water or oil fluids.
  • Typical applications include installation in pipelines near water (oil) pumps.
  • Activates motor-driven valves based on pressure differential changes.

Sight Glass (SG):

  • Compatible with all CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants and oils.
  • 100% leakage tested.
  • Solid brass construction.
  • Large viewing window and indicator for better visibility.
  • Available with extended solder (pure copper) and are (with brass nuts) connections.
  • CE certified.

Vibration Absorber Tube (VAT):

  • Compatible with all CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants and oils.
  • 100% leakage tested.
  • Solder copper connections.
  • CE certified.

Restrictor (CP):

  • Mainly used in air-conditioning or heat pump systems.
  • Functions as a one-direction flow restrictor and allows flow pass in the opposite direction.
  • Replaces capillary flow restriction.
  • Application: < 20P Model.
  • Tube sizes: 3/8″, 1/2″.
  • Piston specification: 025-130.
  • Replacement of piston according to refrigerating capacity.
  • Valve body and piston materials include brass, copper, and PTFE.
  • Working pressure: 750 psi.
  • Working temperature: -40 ~ +121°C.

Connection U Bend (UB):

  • Number: WJ-04U, WJ-06U, WJ-08U, WJ-10U.

Connection sets CNS.

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