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Comforplanet proudly presents the OLR (Oil Level Regulator), an advanced Electronic Oil Level Regulator designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of compressor stations in various applications.

OLR – Electronic Oil Level Regulator:

  • The Electronic Oil Level Regulator is specifically crafted for installation into the oil distribution circuit of compressor stations. Its primary function is to control and maintain the oil level in the compressor’s crankcase.

Key Features:

  1. Accurate Oil Level Control: The OLR utilizes electro-mechanics and incorporates a hall-effect sensor as a sensitive element. This advanced technology ensures precise and reliable control of the oil level in the compressor’s crankcase.
  2. Elimination of False Alarms: The hall-effect sensor plays a crucial role in eliminating false alarms, providing a reliable and accurate indication of the actual oil level. This feature contributes to the overall effectiveness of the electronic oil level control.
  3. Alarm Signal and Safety Disconnect: In case of an accident or a low oil level in the crankcase, the OLR system is designed to generate an alarm signal. Additionally, it has the capability to automatically disconnect the compressor, ensuring the safety and protection of the equipment.
  4. Hall-Effect Sensor Technology: The utilization of hall-effect sensor technology enhances the responsiveness and accuracy of the oil level control. This sensor technology is known for its reliability and stability in monitoring oil levels.
  5. Enhanced Operational Safety: The OLR not only contributes to efficient oil level management but also prioritizes operational safety. By providing timely alarms and automatic disconnection in critical situations, it safeguards the compressor and the overall system.

Choose Comforplanet for cutting-edge Electronic Oil Level Regulators that exemplify our commitment to excellence, innovation, and operational safety in compressor stations. The OLR is engineered to meet the highest standards of performance, ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of your compressor systems.

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