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Comforplanet, a distinguished name in the HVAC industry, proudly presents a comprehensive range of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Parts. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability is reflected in the following product categories:

Filter Driers:

  • Comforplanet’s Filter Driers are engineered for efficient moisture and debris removal in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Oil Management:

  • Our Oil Management solutions are designed to regulate and maintain proper oil levels within the system, contributing to the smooth operation of compressors and other components.

Oil Level Regulator:

  • The Oil Level Regulator from Comforplanet ensures precise control of oil levels in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

Valve Series:

  • Comforplanet offers a diverse Valve Series, including expansion valves and other valve types, designed to control the flow of refrigerants and maintain optimal system performance.

Sensor, Control, and Connector:

  • Our Sensor, Control, and Connector components are crucial for monitoring and regulating various parameters in HVAC systems, ensuring precise control and efficient operation.

Copper Fitting:

  • Comforplanet’s Copper Fittings are crafted with precision for reliable connections in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, ensuring durability and leak-free performance.

Brass Fittings:

  • The Brass Fittings in our inventory provide robust and corrosion-resistant solutions for connecting components in HVAC systems.

Access Valves:

  • Our Access Valves are designed for easy access to refrigeration and air conditioning systems, facilitating maintenance and serviceability.

Copper Filter Drier, Strainer, Accumulator:

  • Comforplanet’s Copper Filter Driers, Strainers, and Accumulators are integral components for refrigeration systems, ensuring clean and efficient operation.

Branch Pipe:

  • The Branch Pipe series from Comforplanet provides reliable and durable components for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


  • Our Capacitors, including Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, play a crucial role in providing electrical energy for starting and running motors in HVAC systems.


  • Comforplanet’s Contactors are designed to control the electrical power supply to components such as compressors, ensuring reliable operation.

Relay, Overload Protector:

  • The Relay and Overload Protector components safeguard compressors and motors from electrical faults, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of the system.

Refrigerator Door Switch:

  • Our Refrigerator Door Switch ensures proper operation and energy efficiency in refrigeration appliances.

Defrost Timer:

  • Comforplanet’s Defrost Timer is crucial for controlling defrost cycles in refrigeration systems, preventing frost buildup and ensuring efficient operation.

Power Transformer:

  • The Power Transformer series provides reliable and efficient power supply solutions for various components in HVAC systems.


  • Comforplanet’s Thermostats, including Room Thermostats for Central Air Conditioners and Digital Room Thermostats, contribute to precise temperature control and energy efficiency.

Thermostat Guard:

  • The Thermostat Guard series offers protective solutions for thermostat units, ensuring durability and security in diverse environments.

Junction Box:

  • Our Junction Boxes provide secure and organized electrical connections in HVAC systems, enhancing safety and reliability.

Choose Comforplanet for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Parts that exemplify quality, innovation, and reliability. Our diverse range of components ensures the efficient and dependable operation of HVAC systems across various applications.

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