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Comforplanet proudly introduces our diverse range of Condensing Units, featuring the CFC Air Coolers, CFI Air Coolers, and CFD Dual Discharge Air Cooler series—showcasing our commitment to delivering high-performance and versatile solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

CFC Air Coolers:

  1. Designed for Commercial Usage: The CFC series Air Coolers are meticulously designed to cater to the demands of commercial usage, offering reliability and efficiency in various applications.
  2. Wide Range of Applicable Temperature: With a broad range of applicable temperatures, the CFC Air Coolers ensure adaptability to different environmental conditions, making them suitable for diverse commercial refrigeration requirements.
  3. Wide Cooling Capacity: Comforplanet’s CFC series provides a wide cooling capacity, ensuring effective temperature control and optimal performance in commercial settings.

CFI Air Coolers:

  1. Designed for Industrial Usage: The CFI series Air Coolers are specifically crafted for industrial usage, meeting the rigorous demands of industrial applications where robust performance is essential.
  2. Wide Range of Applicable Temperature: Similar to the commercial series, the CFI Air Coolers offer a broad range of applicable temperatures, ensuring adaptability to diverse industrial refrigeration needs.
  3. Wide Cooling Capacity: With a generous cooling capacity, the CFI Air Coolers are equipped to handle the substantial cooling requirements of industrial settings, providing reliable and efficient performance.

CFD Dual Discharge Air Cooler:

  1. Reasonable Structure Design: The CFD series Dual Discharge Air Cooler is designed with a reasonable structure, featuring a compact design that facilitates easy installation and integration into various cold storage units.
  2. Large Cooling Capacity: Despite its compact size, the CFD Dual Discharge Air Cooler boasts a large cooling capacity, making it an ideal choice for refrigeration equipment in different cold storage units.
  3. Versatile Usage: The versatility of the CFD series allows it to be used as refrigeration equipment in various cold storage applications, providing efficient cooling where it is needed.

Choose Comforplanet for advanced Condensing Units that deliver exceptional performance, adaptability, and efficiency in commercial and industrial settings. Our CFC, CFI, and CFD series exemplify the quality and innovation associated with the Comforplanet brand.

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