ACR Service and Maintenance Products

Comforplanet takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of ACR (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) service and maintenance products, each designed to meet the highest standards of quality, innovation, and user satisfaction. Here’s an overview of the diverse products available under the Comforplanet brand:

ACR Service and Maintenance Products:

  1. Vacuum Pumps: High-performance vacuum pumps for efficient evacuation of air and moisture from refrigeration systems.
  2. Welding Torches, Brazing Alloy, Brazing Flux: Tools and materials for precision welding and brazing applications in HVAC systems.
  3. Refrigerant Recovery Machine, Charging Station: Cutting-edge equipment for recovering and charging refrigerants, ensuring environmental sustainability and system efficiency.
  4. HVAC Hand Tools: A range of hand tools tailored for HVAC professionals, facilitating installation, maintenance, and repair tasks.
  5. Refrigeration Manifold, Gauges & Charging Hoses: Precision instruments for monitoring and regulating refrigerant flow in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  6. High Low Pressure Quick Couplers: Quick and secure connections for efficient pressure testing and refrigerant handling.
  7. Can Tap Valve and Piercing Valve: Valves designed for convenient and safe access to refrigerant lines.
  8. Refrigerant Scales: Accurate scales for measuring and charging refrigerants with precision.
  9. Leakage Detectors: Advanced detectors for identifying refrigerant leaks, ensuring system integrity.
  10. Digital Thermometer: Precise digital thermometers for monitoring temperature variations in HVAC systems.
  11. Anemograph: Instruments for measuring air velocity, providing crucial data for system performance assessment.
  12. Clamp Meter, Multimeter: Electrical measurement tools for diagnosing and maintaining ACR system electrical components.
  13. Temperature Controller: Devices for controlling and optimizing temperature settings in HVAC systems.
  14. Universal Remote Control for Air Conditioner: Convenient remote controls for easy operation of air conditioning units.
  15. Universal Remote Control System for Air Conditioner: Advanced systems allowing centralized control of multiple air conditioning units.
  16. Air Conditioner Bracket, Floor Support, Big Foot Support, Multi Foot: Support structures designed for secure and stable installation of air conditioning units.
  17. Rubber Vibration Damper: Dampening solutions to minimize vibrations and noise in HVAC systems.
  18. Condensate Drain Pipe, Pre-Installation Box: Essential components for effective condensate management in air conditioning systems.
  19. Electric Cable and Power Plug: Reliable electrical cables and plugs designed for ACR system connections.
  20. PVC Wrapping Tape: Durable wrapping tape for insulation and protection purposes.
  21. Air Conditioner Cleaning Cover: Covers designed for protecting air conditioning units during cleaning and maintenance.
  22. Protection Clothes for AC Unit: Specialized clothing to protect HVAC technicians during maintenance tasks.
  23. Line Set Cover: Covers for concealing and protecting refrigerant lines in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  24. Condensate Drain Pump: Pumps for efficient removal of condensate from air conditioning units.
  25. Insulation Material: High-quality insulation materials to enhance energy efficiency and system performance.

Comforplanet’s ACR service and maintenance product range is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for HVAC professionals and ensuring the comfort and efficiency of residential and commercial spaces.

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