Precautions For Replacing Air Conditioning Compressor

Every component of an air conditioning unit helps provide cool air to your room. The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner. You can’t get cold air from your air conditioner without a compressor. It circulates the refrigerant through indoor and outdoor coils for heat exchange. During long-term use, you can observe that your air conditioner is not functioning properly, which can happen if any part is damaged.

Some technicians who don’t have much experience will urge you to replace the air conditioner compressor, even if it’s not the cause of your air conditioner failure. Therefore, before contacting a technician, check that the compressor is working properly. Here are 5 signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner compressor.

Reduced Airflow

You can confirm a faulty air conditioner compressor by watching the airflow coming from the vent. The temperature of the airflow should always be consistent to keep the room cool. If you observe reduced airflow, the air conditioner compressor needs to be serviced. A weak compressor cannot produce enough cold air.

Warm Air

Another sign of a malfunctioning compressor is warm air coming from the vents. A damaged air conditioner compressor cannot supply refrigerant through the system, which causes hotter air to be released from the vents. Refrigerant leaks can also be another cause of warm air blowing out of vents. A refrigerant leak can increase the pressure on the compressor and cause compression failure.

The compressor Does not Start

Sometimes, after turning on the air conditioner, you will feel that the room is not cold. When you check the indoor and outdoor units, you will notice that the compressor is not on, but the fan is still running. The AC compressor will not start when it fails. Some of the reasons for this are damaged capacitors, faulty electrical connections, clogged drain pans, etc.

Circuit Breaker Problem

If the external condenser unit trips the circuit breaker, this is a symptom of a compressor failure. If the compressor draws too much power and overheats, it can cause an open circuit problem. Opening the AC breaker after a trip can cause massive damage and you’ll need to replace your expensive AC compressor.

Noisy Compressor

If the external AC unit makes an abnormal sound, it means the compressor is faulty. AC noise occurs when electrical components and motor fans fail. Quickly contact a professional and fix the problem before the compressor is completely damaged.

If you find a compressor malfunctioning, replace it immediately. Replacing a home air conditioner compressor can be done as follows.

Here are the steps to replace a compressor, and a few things to keep in mind when a professional replace a compressor.

Shut Down the System

Turn off the power before starting to replace the compressor. Serious electrical shock will occur if the system power is not properly turned off.
Take out the refrigerant

The next step is to remove the refrigerant from the system. Do not discharge refrigerant into the outside environment, otherwise, it will cause great damage to the environment. Store it in a gas tank to protect the environment.

Take Apart the Compressor

Disconnect the refrigerant line after removing the refrigerant. Now remove the old compressor from the AC unit located outside. Before that, you need to unbolt the compressor. The main unit connected to the compressor should also be removed.

Install a New AC Compressor

Place the new compressor and connect the refrigerant line to the existing silver welded line. Replacement should be done within the condenser unit.

Apply Vacuum and Reassemble

Now reassemble the device after applying the vacuum. Now connect it to the power supply and check if the system is working properly.

If you can’t find the cause of your air conditioner unit failure, contact a professional air conditioner repair or air conditioner repair company and they will quickly identify and fix the problem. If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner or air conditioner compressor, please contact us.

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