How To Reduce Air Conditioning Power Consumption?

Anyone who has watched electricity bills skyrockets in the summer will know that the power consumption of an air conditioner can be a huge, unpredictable cost. To try and understand your costs, you can start with the wattage rating of the AC unit (check the label on the condensing unit), which will tell you how much power it uses in perfect conditions. In real life, conditions are rarely as consistent as that.

There are many factors that affect the efficiency and power usage of your air conditioner, including the age and condition of the equipment, the layout of the space, the design of the air ducts, how airtight the space is, and of course, the weather. That’s why calculating your expenses is never an exact science.

If your goal is to reduce air conditioner power consumption, it’s actually easier than measuring it! Here are 8 strategies to help you reduce your air conditioner’s power consumption.

1. Turn up one degree

Can you tell the difference between a room set to 71 degrees and a room set to 72 degrees? Neither can most people. So if you want to reduce your energy use, try setting your thermostat one degree above normal. It will help your AC run less frequently and use less electricity.

This practice will get you into the habit of paying attention to your thermostat settings. Air conditioners use a lot more power for every degree of outside temperature increase, so these small changes add up in the long run.

Make sure everyone in your workplace knows your energy efficiency goals. Start with a meeting explaining the steps you will take and how everyone will contribute. If you are the only one working hard, you will not be able to reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner. Outline any changes (such as standard office temperatures) or simple steps that everyone can participate in.2. Use a smart thermostat and set a schedule

In order to use your air conditioner effectively, you need to make sure that it only runs when needed and that the temperature is always set properly.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep track of it yourself. Using an automatic or smart thermostat makes it easy to reduce air conditioning power consumption. Use a thermostat with a programmable schedule to set your air conditioner to not cool when no one is in the space. Some thermostats can learn about your schedule over time and the program themselves. 

Smart thermostats even come with an app that lets you control the temperature remotely in case you forget your settings. Many of these thermostats are designed with energy savings in mind, so they can help you get more detailed information about your energy usage.

3. Keep the ducts clean and the air flowing

If your air conditioner doesn’t struggle with dirty vents and blocked airflow, it will use less power. Keeping vents and ducts clean will help your air conditioner run more efficiently. Make sure your furniture and room layout also don’t block the vents.4. Schedule regular maintenance visits

If you can see what an air conditioner technician sees when servicing a neglected air conditioner, you’ll see why regular maintenance is so important. Cleaning components, repairing electrical connections, and replacing worn parts can keep your system running more efficiently and reduce power consumption. In fact, studies show that air conditioning maintenance can help keep your equipment up to 95% of its original efficiency.5. Replace the air filter

You might not think that a clogged air conditioner filter could be causing your air conditioner power consumption to skyrocket. But a clogged filter is like a clogged sink, something might get through, but if it’s clean, it will work more smoothly. Filters can become clogged with dust, and if they fill up beyond the limit, dust can collect on fans and motors and slow down your system, allowing it to run longer and use more power.6. Insulate your space for cool air

If you let all the cold air out, you won’t get the most out of an energy-efficient air conditioner. Insulation can also be a useful step in reducing air conditioner power consumption if you can’t replace your air conditioner unit yet. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to get the same temperature if you work hard to seal leaks in your home. HVAC components, such as pipes, ducts, and outlets, maybe the highest priority for additional insulation.7. Retrofit your air conditioning unit

Did you know you can upgrade the components on your old air conditioning unit to improve energy efficiency? If you’re not ready to upgrade to a newer model, retrofitting might be a good option. There are many ways to reduce air conditioner power consumption without getting rid of your current AC power, including adding ventilation, condenser fan control, or replacing compressors.

If your system is used a lot, consumes a lot of power, and has been regularly maintained (so it’s still in good shape), a retrofit might be a good option for you. A retrofit is a good compromise that allows you to get some of the benefits of a new system without investing a lot of money in a full replacement.
8. Upgrade to energy-efficient air conditioning

If you’re in the market to replace your AC unit, don’t just automatically get the same type of system you previously had. Even though newer ones will be more energy efficient, you can further reduce air conditioner power consumption by using different types of equipment.

For example, many types of homes and businesses can achieve better comfort conditions and better energy efficiency with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. Most AC systems always run at full power. The VRF system adjusts to operating at the capacity required by the current conditions. Plus, it can be set up to individually control different areas of your space, and it can even re-use waste heat from the cooling process to provide heat to other areas. This smart design means the system uses less energy.

The above briefly introduces the methods to improve the efficiency of air conditioners. If you want to buy air conditioners or air conditioner accessories, please contact us.

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