How To Clean Outdoor Your Air Conditioner?

Cleaning the air conditioner external unit and its condenser coil requires more labor than processing the interior of the unit. Because it’s constantly exposed to elements, this part of the system can get very dirty very quickly. You’ll also need more specialized equipment to clean it. Follow the steps below to keep your external devices in top shape.

1. Disconnect and remove the AC grille

Again make sure the power is off. Before starting, you can turn off the power at the outdoor disconnect box.

Remove the sheet metal screws on the top of the device. After removing them, lift the fan unit and grille. Most units have enough slack in the wires to place the top down and against the wall without having to disconnect any wires.2. Remove the sundries from the air conditioner

Depending on your equipment, there will be varying amounts of debris on the bottom of the air conditioner. Entry-level models often don’t have proper guards in place to keep debris out of the top of the fan unit, so leaves, seeds, or even tiny branches may be in the bottom pan.

You can scoop out the crumbs by hand, or use a wet/dry vacuum to get them all out.3. Clean the AC coil and heat sink

Learning how to clean AC capacitor coils is easy. You will need coil cleaning solutions available at any home improvement store. Be aware that cleaning agents used for condenser coils are extremely corrosive and can cause burns. Fumes are also dangerous, which is why you shouldn’t use this cleaner on indoor coils.

Mix or dilute the cleaning solution according to the directions and add it to the pump sprayer. Spray it on the coil. It will lather in a few minutes and you can hose it off.

Do not use a pressure washer for this task. The fins are somewhat fragile, and pressure can easily damage them.4. Straighten the air conditioner fins

Curved fins reduce airflow, so this step is critical to maintaining efficiency. The best way to fix this is to buy a fin tool. These inexpensive kits have teeth that allow you to comb a certain number of fins per inch. Make sure you are using the correct number of fins per inch for your equipment. All you have to do is carefully comb the fins back into place.5. Clean around the air conditioner

Replace the fan cage and secure it to the unit with the screws you removed earlier. Make sure the area around the device is completely clean for at least 2 feet in each direction to ensure optimal airflow.6. Level the air conditioning unit

Dirt can settle under your device and cause it to start tipping. If the condenser unit is out of position for too long, it can fail prematurely and result in expensive repairs. If you find that the condenser is not level, use spacers to move it where you want it.

The above are the steps to clean the outside of the air conditioner. If you plan to buy an air conditioner, please contact us.

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