How To Clean A Split Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is essential to keeping your home and business cool during hot weather. Split air conditioners are a common type of cooling system known for their compact, ductless form. The internal unit looks like a rectangle and is built into the wall of your home, while the outdoor unit, called a condenser or compressor, looks like a large metal box. The performance of any air conditioner depends on its inner workings, so it’s important to check and clean your split air conditioner frequently. Before you go out to clean your condenser, first visit and clean your room’s air conditioner unit.

Method 1: Cleaning the indoor unit

Put a cleaning bag around the entire split air conditioning system

Surround your entire unit with a new cleaning bag to prevent any dust or grime from reaching the floor. They can be purchased online for under $20.

Try buying a bag with a drawstring so you can loosen and tighten its circumference.

You can use empty trash bags instead of professional cleaning bags.

Power off and lift the front panel

Go to the appropriate circuit breaker or power source in your home and turn off the power to the split air conditioner before opening the front panel. Release the latch on the front of the air conditioner and lift it up so you can access the inside of the unit.

Most machines have both indoor and outdoor components, so make sure the entire cooling system is powered off.

Remove the air filter from the split air conditioner

The oblong piece on the front of the unit is the air filter, and it must be removed and cleaned to keep them in top condition. Press the tabs on the side of each air filter to release and remove them. Before starting the cleaning process, be sure to shake the filter outside to remove any obvious dust and grime.

If there is no obvious label to open the front of the split air conditioner, check the manufacturer’s guide for help.

Rinse the removed air filter under running water

Take the air filter to the sink or large basin and pour cool running water over it. If your filters aren’t that dirty, rinsing them may be enough to remove the dust. If running water doesn’t seem to work, use a sponge or pad to dab a mild cleanser. Then, rinse them off and let them air dry.

Clean the filter at least every other month.

Blow the dust off the heat sink

Add a thin canister attachment to your blower and use it to remove dust from the back of your split air conditioner. The fins look like a series of metal wires that fit snugly against the back of the air conditioner. Make sure to blow over the entire surface area of the heat sink.

A brush or canister vacuum attachment can also help with this part of the process.

Clean the coils with air conditioner cleaner and let them dry

Take an air conditioner cleaner and apply it to the coil. Then, let the product sit for at least 20 minutes. The coils look like connected circular pieces of metal, and they can be found in the center of the indoor unit.

Spray an antifungal cleaner on the coils to prevent mildew

Use a can of antifungal cleaning spray to sanitize the back of the air conditioner, as toxins are likely to form there. This cleaner helps prevent toxic particles and spores from growing in your equipment. Wait at least 5 minutes for the spray to set before putting the air filter back in place.

Replace the air filter

After confirming that the air filters are clean and dry, fasten them back to their original positions. They should slide into place easily, but double check your owner’s manual if you encounter any difficulties during assembly. These fresh air filters will ensure that only clean, cool air can pass through your air conditioner.

Remove any blockages in the air conditioner by flushing the drain

Avoid clogged drains by disconnecting the hoses or pipes separating the indoor and outdoor units. Use a pressurized flush kit to force water or detergent down the drain. Allow the drain to air dry for at least 1 hour to ensure any water or cleaning fluid has evaporated. Reconnect the hoses before turning on the air conditioner.

Feel free to flush water or detergent in both directions through the drain if needed.

Turn the split air conditioner back on to make sure everything works

Go to the air conditioner’s circuit breaker or power source and turn it back on. Once the power is up and running, check the split air conditioner to see if cool air is coming out. Enjoy the fresh and clean air!

You can also run a wire or a long piece of metal through the pipe to clear any blockages.

If you are still having problems with your split air conditioner, consider contacting a professional technician for help.

Put the cleaning bag in place after turning on the air conditioner – the machine will most likely spit out some dirty water. Wait until all waste has left the air conditioner before removing and throwing the bag away.Method 2: Clean the outdoor unit

Turn off the power to the outdoor condenser

Unplug or turn off the outdoor split air conditioner unit to prevent the flow of electricity. Since you’ll be flushing the air conditioner’s fins with cold water, you definitely don’t want it hooked up. Your power system may be connected to a circuit breaker, or it may have its own power source – in any case, flip or unplug this power source for a complete power shutdown.

If you don’t know where the power is, check your home’s schematic. Generally, it can be found several feet away from the unit outside.

Vacuum the condenser fins using the brush attachment

Attach a vacuum on the outside and add the brush attachment to the nozzle of the vacuum. Condenser fins are thin, vertical pieces of metal arranged inside the metal unit. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and suck out any visible dust and debris from the outdoor unit with prolonged motion. Move horizontally and vertically in a straight line until no dust or leaves are visible in the condenser.

Rake and brush around your outdoor unit frequently to remove any stray leaves or debris you see.

If necessary, use a long knife to straighten the metal fins

Take a long table knife and slide it through the indentation between any metal fins that appear to be bent. If you want your condenser to work at the highest quality, you need to make sure that all the radiators are straight and functional.

Unscrew the cover of the outdoor unit and take out the fan

Use a screwdriver or other pointed tool to remove the grille from the top of the condenser. Before cleaning the heatsinks, you need to remove all electrical units, especially the fans. Before removing the fan from the metal unit, use a wrench or screwdriver to remove any bolts or screws holding the fan in place. The fan is attached to the condenser, so you can’t completely remove it.

Double-check the manufacturer’s guidelines to confirm the safest way to remove the outdoor condenser fan.

Rinse the fins with a hose and allow the unit to dry completely

Open the garden hose and flush the air conditioner condenser fins from inside the metal unit. The rinsing process keeps the fins as clean as possible so your condenser can run efficiently. Let the inside of the outdoor unit dry completely before you do anything else.

If you want a finer or thicker mist from your hose, use the sprayer attachment. Try not to put too much water pressure on the fins.

Reconnect displaced parts before powering back on

Secure the fan back to the condenser unit using the appropriate tool and reattach the top grill to the outdoor unit using a screwdriver. Once all these parts are in place, go to the circuit breaker or power supply and turn it on again (or plug in the device).

If there seems to be a problem with your outdoor unit, don’t be afraid to contact a professional for help.

The above is a detailed introduction to the cleaning steps of split air conditioners. If you want to buy split air conditioners or air conditioner cleaners, please contact us.

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