How Mini Split Air Conditioners Work?

Before installing a new ductless air conditioner or shutting down an existing system, it’s important to understand how they work.

Simply defined, a ductless air conditioning system (also known as a mini-split) connects individual room units to an outdoor compressor. The indoor unit contains an evaporator coil that is cooled with refrigerant. Warm air from the room is blown through and absorbed by the coils. From there, the refrigerant transfers all the internal heat to the outdoor unit.

Instead of sending warm and cool air back and forth through a central indoor unit connected by long ductwork, a mini-split system places small units directly in each room, sucking in warm air and sending it back as cool air. A popular alternative to traditional air conditioners, mini-split air conditioners are much less invasive to install, blend in better with the room, and are quieter and very energy efficient.

Tubeless Capacity

How can a small mini-split cool my whole house? It’s pretty simple — the network of indoor units is all connected to an outdoor compressor, which receives warm air from the house. After installing the main unit, you can choose from various types of indoor unit options, such as ceiling-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or floor-mounted, to suit the individuality and needs of each room.

What Size Mini Split Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Determining which size unit best suits your needs is the easy part. Just calculate the square footage of a room and include other areas such as closets. Then consult the sizing chart to determine the BTUs needed for the space. Here is an abbreviated list of BTU capacities:

Space to be cooled: 150 to 250 square feet; Capacity (BTU per hour): 6,000

Space to be cooled: 250 to 300 square feet; Capacity (BTU per hour): 7,000

Space to be cooled: 300 to 350 square feet; Capacity (BTU per hour): 8,000

All mini-split systems are capable of delivering a specific number of BTUs, and once capacity and square footage are taken into account, it’s also important to address your home’s insulation. Naturally, poorly insulated buildings are full of air leaks and require larger systems. Common sense tip: Simply throwing a bigger device at a leaky house doesn’t do much good. Make sure the insulation is up to par before proceeding.External Size Factor

Small splitters work well down to about 15 degrees Fahrenheit, but if the temperature plummets to -30 degrees, your system will have problems, the condensing coil will freeze and the heating will stop. That’s bad. Also keep other factors in mind, such as high humidity, extreme hot or cold temperatures, ceiling height, and room layout. For example, a large room with a block-wall design or alcove may require a second unit to adequately meet the cooling and heating needs of the room.

The working principle of the mini split air conditioner has been introduced above. If you want to buy a mini split air conditioner, please contact us.

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