How Does The Air Conditioner Achieve The Cooling Effect?

When the air conditioner is adjusted to the cooling mode, the low-pressure vapor of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system will be sucked in by the compressor and compressed into high-pressure vapor, and then discharged to the condenser. Next, we will specifically understand the working principle of the air conditioner to achieve the cooling effect.

Refrigeration substance

1. Air (wind – moving air);

2. Freon (refrigerant);

3. Water-energy transfer medium High-temperature hot water, steam: 90℃, 130℃, 200℃; Chilled water: 7℃, 12℃; Cooling water: 32℃, 37℃; Ice (snow): 0℃.

Power equipment

Fan: drive air; water pump: drive water circulation; compressor: drive Freon.

Refrigeration principle of air conditioner

1. The principle of air-conditioning refrigeration is actually that the binary solution is heated and boiled by the heat source in the generator, and the refrigerant vapor produced is condensed into the refrigerant liquid in the condenser. The liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator after being throttled by the U-shaped tube and is sprayed by the evaporator under low-pressure conditions. The liquid refrigerant evaporates, absorbs the heat of the refrigerant, and produces a cooling effect.

2. The refrigeration principle of lithium bromide air conditioners to be especially proposed here is different from compression air conditioners. The working medium used in absorption refrigeration is usually a binary solution, which is composed of two substances with different boiling points. The substance with a low boiling point is refrigerant, and the substance with a high boiling point is absorbent, so as to realize air-conditioning refrigeration.

3. The concentrated solution flowing out of the generator is cooled and depressurized by the heat exchanger and then flows into the absorber, where it is mixed with the original solution of the absorber to form a concentrated solution of intermediate concentration.

The intermediate concentration solution is transported and sprayed by the absorber pump, and the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator is absorbed into a dilute solution. The dilute solution is pumped to the generator by the generator, and the refrigerant vapor is regenerated by the heat source to form a concentrated solution again and enters the next cycle.

The working principle of water machine

The water system air conditioner is composed of an outdoor main unit and an indoor terminal device. The outdoor main unit provides the cold/hot water of the air conditioner, which is delivered to the indoor terminal device by the water pipe system. The heat exchange between water and air at the indoor terminal eliminates the room cooling/heating load. It is a type of air-conditioning system that generates cold/heat centrally but disperses the load of each room.

The working principle of the fluorine machine 

The fluorine system air conditioner uses refrigerant as the conveying medium and adopts variable refrigerant flow technology. The outdoor main unit is composed of an outdoor side heat exchanger, a compressor, and other refrigeration accessories, and the indoor unit is composed of a direct evaporative heat exchanger and a fan.

One outdoor unit can deliver refrigerant liquid to several indoor units through pipes. By controlling the refrigerant circulation volume of the compressor and the refrigerant flow rate entering the indoor heat exchangers, the indoor cooling and heating load requirements can be timely met.

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