Why do You Need Air Conditioner Brackets?

You need air conditioner brackets for several reasons.

Firstly, if you’re planning on putting decking around your house at a later date, having brackets eliminates the need to re-locate the unit later on or having to build the decking around it.

Secondly, if there is uneven ground that would require significant levelling out, brackets can help provide stability and prevent the unit from becoming unbalanced. Thirdly, if the unit needs to be put, there must be no obstacles in the way of the ground, such as in a narrow walkway along the side of your house or next to a driveway – brackets can provide a secure mounting point.

Additionally, brackets play an important role in ensuring that your air conditioner stays securely in place. Without them, your air conditioner could fall out of the window, potentially causing damage to your home or injuring anyone nearby. Brackets also help to keep your air conditioner level, which is essential for proper operation. If the unit is not level, it may not drain properly and could lead to water damage inside your home.

applications of air conditoner bracket
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