Eight Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners don’t last forever, but there are ways to maximize functional life. The A/C pros at ComforPlanet share eight easy ways to keep your air conditioner running for years.

1. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean and Tidy

Make sure there are at least two feet of clear space around the outdoor unit at all times. If you have shrubs, trees, or other landscaping features nearby, trim them back so they don’t grow into the unit. The fewer obstacles there are, the longer the entire system will run.
2. Check Airflow Through Vents

The vents in your home or business are responsible for distributing cool air, but over time they can become clogged. Appliances, furniture, and wall coverings are three common causes of blockages, which not only increase indoor temperatures but can also cause air conditioning units to overwork.

3. Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating – there are many benefits to maintaining your air conditioner on a regular basis. Yes, parts will wear out over time. Furthermore, it ensures efficient operation, which saves on cooling costs and the sudden need to replace the air conditioner.

4. Use the Dryer at Night

Give the air conditioner a break to dry your clothes at night when the outside temperature is cooler. The dryer releases warm air into the home, and when the thermostat senses this air, the air conditioner turns on more often. This extra cycling puts unnecessary wear on the system, shortening the life of the equipment.

5. Turn off Unused Electronics

Turning off electronics that are not in use, including appliances, not only reduces electricity usage but also helps keep your home or business cool in the summer. It’s the same principle as a clothes dryer — electronics like computers and TV screens dissipate heat and run the air conditioner to compensate.

6. Replace the Air Filter

Clean air filters allow for adequate air circulation throughout your home or business. Unrestricted airflow also keeps harmful debris out of the air. With proper cycling, the A/C unit sensor activates on demand rather than in short bursts. Also, the internal parts are free of dust and dirt that can cause mechanical failure. Check the air filter packaging – it should say how often to change or clean the filter.

7. Utilize Curtains

Uncovered windows allow heat to enter a home or business, raising the temperature inside. Install or use blinds, drapes, and shades to cover windows during the day rather than relying solely on air conditioning to cool your home.

8. Work with a Licensed HVAC Company

A/C units consist of a complex combination of electrical and mechanical parts that must work together, and if something goes wrong (as is often the case with DIY repairs), the entire system can shut down. Therefore, air conditioner repair work is best left to licensed and trained technicians.

The above introduces some ways to improve the life of the air conditioner. If you still have questions or want to buy air conditioners and accessories, please contact us.

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