What is Air Conditioner Bracket?

An air conditioner bracket, also known as an air conditioner support bracket or outdoor unit bracket, is a metal frame designed to mount and support the weight of an air conditioner’s outdoor unit securely. It serves as a crucial component in the installation process, ensuring that the heavy outdoor unit is fixed firmly to a vertical wall or ground/floor. The bracket helps distribute the unit’s weight evenly, preventing it from tipping over, and can be secured to a wall or other surface using bolts or welding, depending on the design.

These brackets are typically made from carbon steel panel with a plastic powder coating for rust resistance, though they can also be made from stainless steel upon customer request. High-quality brackets often feature a powder coating that provides a long, rust-free lifespan. They are installed approximately 2 meters off the ground, allowing people to walk underneath without bumping their heads while still being accessible for servicing and cleaning.

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