8 Ways To Avoid Air Conditioning Compressor Failure

Just as taking care of your body keeps you healthy, taking good care of your air conditioner means it’s far less likely to malfunction. Without regular maintenance, air conditioners can accumulate wear and tear, resulting in poor performance and a shortened lifespan. That’s why it’s so important to take the steps outlined here to prevent air conditioner compressor

 failure, which often means having to buy a new air conditioner system.

Air conditioning maintenance is easier and cheaper than the repairs it prevents. While your system may appear to be running fine, regular maintenance is still required to keep everything running and avoid easily preventable failures.Why is air conditioning compressor failure important?

Your air conditioner utilizes a continuous cycle of refrigerant, the chemicals in the air conditioner that remove heat from your space. The cycle starts with the compressor. A compressor does exactly what it sounds like: it compresses the refrigerant to absorb heat.

Obviously, the compressor is an important part of the air conditioning system. Compressor failure is bad news because compressors have many moving parts that can be very expensive to repair or replace. If the compressor fails, you may find yourself having to replace the entire unit.8 steps to prevent air conditioning compressor failure

Compressor failures often occur due to increased pressure caused by a problem in another part of the system. These are 8 areas that need to be regularly checked or addressed by an HVAC professional to keep your air conditioner compressor healthy.

1. Check for refrigerant leakage

If you notice that the air conditioner is slowly losing its cooling capacity, it may be a refrigerant leak.

While other failures can be inconvenient and costly, a refrigerant leak may need to be corrected by law because of its environmental and potentially dangerous effects.

Leakage of refrigerant can cause compressor failure. If left unchecked, leaks can result in very low refrigerant levels. This makes the equipment work harder, which eventually leads to compressor damage.

Fixing this problem in time will help avoid further deterioration of the air conditioner and save you the expense and hassle of compressor failure. You need trained professionals to handle refrigerants and have the tools to find leaks quickly.

2. Hire only qualified HVAC professionals

Because leaking refrigerant piping is a delicate issue, piping repaired the wrong way can also lead to compressor failure. An inexperienced mechanic could fill the lines with too much refrigerant, or even the wrong type. Both errors can damage the compressor.

Recruiting knowledgeable HVAC technicians is critical to keeping equipment working properly.

3. Obtain the correct replacement part

This is another reason why getting a qualified HVAC technician is important because mistakes made in fixing one problem can lead to another.

If incorrect or incorrectly sized parts of your equipment are improperly patched, the pressure on the system can cause the compressor to fail. Save yourself the hassle of having your air conditioner repaired twice by making sure the air conditioner is repaired correctly the first time.

4. Keep the coil clean

AC coils can accumulate dirt and grime due to normal wear and tear. These coils may be covered in dust and another build-up, preventing the proper release of heat through the coils.

When heat exchange in the coil is inhibited, the compressor works overtime to remove the heat. This can lead to increased pressure in the coils and unnecessarily stress the compressor. Avoid compressor failure by keeping the coils clean and rust-free. Your HVAC professional should make this part of your regular maintenance program.

5. Keep your air conditioner well oiled

The compressor is one of the most important moving parts in an air conditioner. Maintaining a proper lubricant supply is critical to its continued operation.

Just like refrigerant leaks, precise oil changes are essential to avoid costly problems like compressor failure. Hiring a trusted professional will make the difference between a temporary fix and effective maintenance.

6. Make sure the straw is clear

Compressors are designed to handle a certain amount of pressure in order to function. However, if the suction line of the air conditioner is blocked or damaged, it can create too much pressure and temperature rise.

Compressor failure often occurs in conditions such as this that lead to overheating.

7. Check the wiring

Electricity keeps your fans running, compressors running, and refrigerants running. If there is an electrical failure in the HVAC system, it can create an acid buildup in the machine.

This can cause many parts of the air conditioner to degrade, including the all-important compressor. During maintenance inspections, a technician can tell you if these acids are detected in your air conditioning unit.

Regular inspection means finding and replacing damaged wires and fuses before they can cause further damage and compressor failure. Investing in your wiring maintenance now (through preventive maintenance) will save you time and money in the long run.

8. Prevent pollution

Large air conditioning units are often hidden from view in attics, crawl spaces, storage rooms, and outdoors. Unfortunately, being out of sight often means going beyond cleaning. The area where air conditioning is installed is not the cleanest space in the building.

Air conditioners have drains and dishes that can become contaminated if not cleaned regularly. Contaminants include dust and dirt, mold, volatile organic compounds, car exhaust, pest feces and chemicals, and pathogens that can make you sick.

The buildup of dirt can stress the system and cause the compressor to fail.Simplest compressor failure prevention

The easiest way to prevent compressor failure covers all 8 steps at once. It will keep your air conditioner running smoothly and save you costly repairs and service interruptions. The best part is that you don’t have to lift your fingers.

A preventive maintenance program can help you avoid compressor failure without breaking your wallet to repair or replace your system.

If you want to keep your air conditioner healthy, think of it as an annual inspection of your air conditioner. (Or you may need a plan for more frequent maintenance, depending on your equipment, usage, and budget.) If you’re looking to buy a new air conditioner compressor, please contact us.

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