5 Important Things About Air Conditioning Compressors

The compressor is one of the most important components of an air conditioning unit. The compressor not only plays an important role in the cooling process, but also ensures the efficient and continuous operation of the unit. To understand how your air conditioner compressor works, you should understand its location, function, maintenance and repair needs.

Compressor location

Compressors can be found in outdoor air conditioning units, at the back or side of your home. Other important components within the outdoor unit include the condenser, condenser coil, and fan.

The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor part of the air conditioning system through copper refrigerant pipes. Once connected, the two parts will work together to absorb the hot air in the home and convert it into cold air.Compressor function

To understand how a compressor works, consider the cooling process of a split central air conditioner. Air conditioners extract heat from the air in your home, cool it through a set of cold tubes (evaporator coils), and release the cool air into your home. 

Because the liquid refrigerant absorbs the hot air and converts it into a gas, the evaporator coil remains cold. This gas is then sent to an outside condenser coil, where it becomes liquid again. From this point on, the cycle continues.

The compressor is responsible for moving the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coils, ensuring that the refrigerant becomes a gas or liquid as needed. You can think of the compressor as the heart of an air conditioning system and the refrigerant as the blood. To do this, the compressor pumps refrigerant into the system to keep it running properly.Compressor maintenance

Maintenance of the compressor is critical to the overall function of the air conditioning unit. However, don’t try to maintain this part yourself. During your service appointment, your service technician will inspect the compressor for any obvious damage or malfunction. Your service technician may also check the compressor pads to make sure the unit doesn’t have any electrical issues that could affect the compressor.Compressor failure

Compressors have many moving parts that can easily break. If the compressor fails for any reason, the result could be a noisy unit, insufficient cooling, or a hard start.

Noise from the equipment: If there are loose parts inside the compressor, you may hear a popping or clanking sound. Bubbling and hissing noises may indicate a refrigerant leak from the compressor. Remember that brief noises when the compressor starts are usually normal.

Insufficient cooling: When the compressor is loose or worn out, the air conditioning unit will not be able to cool your home properly.

Hard start: If the compressor is difficult to turn on or off, “hard start,” this problem may be the result of an electrical problem with the air conditioner unit.

Other consequences of a compressor failure include a hot outdoor unit, a burnt-out compressor, and the air conditioning system not working at all. If you think there is a problem with your compressor, please contact a professional for help.Compressor repair

If your compressor fails, your repair options may be limited. Always contact your technician for any repair decisions. Sometimes a compressor that appears to be damaged may actually be a malfunction elsewhere in the equipment. Please ask your service technician for more information.

However, if the compressor is to blame, replacement may be your only option. Depending on the severity of the problem and the age of the system, you may need to completely replace the HVAC system.

In order for your air conditioning system to function properly, the proper operation of the air conditioner compressor is critical. If you need to replace the air conditioner compressor or want to buy a new air conditioner, please contact us.

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